How to Login TextNow Account - Best use of TextNow number

Best process on how to LogIn TextNow account. Follow our guidelines to use TextNow number for your business. It will be easy to  Login your TextNow account on Computer browser or Phone App.

TextNow Account

To text and call others, the majority of individuals require cell phone service. Those who have a Text Now login account, however, are able to make free phone calls and text messages from either a computer or a smartphone. Free online calling and messaging are provided by this Text Now login service. A working account and a Wi-Fi connection are all you need. Below, we’ll go over how to use any kind of device to log into Text Now and access your account.

Why should use TextNow Number?

A TextNow number is a great choice for you if you require a second phone number but do not wish to purchase a second phone or a new SIM card. Customers can securely access new services, share their contact information with contacts, and have one-off conversations using their regular cell phone number while utilizing a TextNow number. In particular, TextNow numbers are useful for online dating, job searching, and sales. They are widely used for privacy concerns because having a different number lets users keep their own contact information private.

How to Login TextNow Account

Additionally, a TextNow number can be used to bypass spam filters, create a customer care department, and receive automated text messages. Because it may act as an online presence, the TextNow number is a helpful tool for companies. TextNow is a great tool for staying in touch with loved ones and friends, and it also offers a variety of audio and video call alternatives.

How to TextNow Login Step-by-step Process

Login TextNow on Browser

  1. Enter TextNow’s official website at
  2. Click on the TextNow Login menu that will be towards the top, right-hand side ( It will open the TextNow login page)
  3. Enter either your username or Email address into the first box of the login page
  4. Enter the password for your TextNow account into the second box
  5. You can Check Remember Me if you want to remain signed in to your TextNow account next
  6. Click on the “LOG IN” button

How to Login TextNow with Facebook

  1. If your Facebook account is logged in that browser, you can use your Facebook login information to login to your TextNow account. Click the “Continue with Facebook” button to begin the procedure
  2. If you don’t Log in Facebook profile enter your Facebook email and password
  3. Click “Continue”
  4. Click the button that says “Login” to complete the process

Advantages of TextNow Accounts

  • TextNow is a great option if you’re seeking a platform to make free calls and send SMS. The following outstanding features are included with TextNow accounts:
  • With TextNow, users can make and receive free Wi-Fi calls from anywhere as well as send conversational text messages. Both WiFi and internet data can be used to access this. The TextNow app can be used on any connected device, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and mobile phones. It now offers phone service. Texting and calling within the United States are both unlimited.
  • TextNow offers low international calling rates for voice calls to any location. In addition, it can add international calling to a number of countries. You must present specific bills to support your claim. TextNow has state-specific codes accessible. For your business, you can use TextNow numbers, namely those from states in the USA. Being able to communicate with individuals all around the world for a reasonable price will be useful.

The Benefits of TextNow for Small Businesses

Since TextNow doesn’t openly disclose particular business. There isn’t a definite answer regarding this service. But we can use TextNow to communicate with our commercial clients. In addition, TextNow offers its services in Canada, the UK, and Australia. According to the most recent estimates, there are approximately 37 million mobile phone subscribers in Canada and an estimated 83 million in the UK. So using TextNow to communicate will be a terrific solution. Additionally, it will expand the marketing of your company.

TextNow membership
Users of TextNow have the option of transferring their existing phone number to the service or purchasing a dedicated phone number from the business, allowing them to place and receive calls and send and receive texts through the internet. A communications service that requires a subscription is TextNow. Users who sign up get unlimited talk and text as well as free calling to the US and Canada, free photo messaging, and more. The service also offers extra features including caller ID, customized voicemail, and call forwarding.

Real text now number
By default, TextNow does not display your actual phone number. By using TextNow’s both free and commercial services, you can communicate with people without giving away your real phone number to the general public. No real phone numbers are associated with any of the phone numbers utilized with TextNow; they are being generated. Because calls and messages you receive on TextNow are only accessible within the TextNow app, you don’t have to worry about people learning your real phone number if they contact you through the TextNow app or website.

Texting App Can Be Followed
Since all messaging services and their providers are mandated to keep text message records for legal and other purposes, it is impossible to find a texting program that is untraceable. However, certain programs could offer a level of anonymity that is more secure than others. One of the most secure messaging apps available at the moment is Signal, which cannot even intercept conversations sent over it. Telegram is a popular alternative that provides end-to-end encrypted “Secret Chats.”

Text-free numbers are available
Yes, you can use text-free numbers. However, depending on the service provider you select, the precise process and information available will change. Customers are able to make calls and send messages using a personal phone number with the aid of the software and service provider Textfree. It works with iOS and Android devices.

TextNow Records Keeping
TextNow does indeed keep recordings and logs of user activity in order to provide dependable and secure services. The history of calls, contacts, texts, voicemails, account activity and all correspondence sent via the TextNow platform are included in this. TextNow also keeps user information such as name, email address, phone number, credit card data, and payment history as needed. According to the data retention policy outlined in their terms and conditions, TextNow maintains these records. Additionally, TextNow may compile data from public records or outside sources like law enforcement agencies. The purpose of collecting all the data is to support the TextNow app and services.

The best guidance for purchasing TextNow accounts

For business communications, you must select a specific county’s or state’s TextNow number. You must purchase real, verified accounts in order to access all services. Only top-grade, email-verified, and completely authentic TextNow Accounts are sold by CPAPVA. You can purchase several accounts at a discounted rate with immediate delivery.


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